Recap of 2018 Polls

The poll feature in Instagram is awesome! Here are some of my favorite polls that I’ve posted from my stories with some thoughts on each one:

How do you feel about being served an entire fish?

60% said “send it over”. This used to freak me out, but after visiting Italy I’ve started to cook the entire fish. I have to work on how to de-bone it, but the flavors are so much better this way. It was surprising to see the majority wanting an entire fish because everyone always seems to freak out if they the entire fish in the grocery store.

Sunny side up eggs or over easy?

This one kept going back and forth. Sunny side is the only way to go! Nothing better then breaking the yolk over a nice hash.

Do you season salad?

79% said yes. I’m not going to lie – I guess I underestimated average homecook seasoning a salad. I learned it from watching cooking shows. I understand seasoning the dressing, but I just started throwing some salt and pepper into the salad and it does add a lot more flavor.

My favorite one of them all – do you secretly like Dominos Pizza?

52% said yes. I am in that 52%. I love authentic Italian pizza, but what can I say? I crave Dominos once in a while. It’s quick!! Once or twice a year is enough for me though. 

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