The Final 4



I’ll get right to the point: A month ago when the tournament started, my thoughts were “whoever has the best food will win”. All 4 restaurants left have good food – that’s a ‘must have’, and obviously is a major factor. What about staff? What about a dish, or drink, they are famously known for? What about weekly gimmicks like a recurring Tuesday theme? What about digitalizing their takeout menu online? What about advertising dishes nonstop on social media?

To summarize, here are some common themes around restaurants in this tournament:

A strong social media team (example -Monument) Posting daily specials during quarantine, and I noticed how they do gimmicks like Taco Bell Tuesday, Sunday Fried Chicken….I had no clue until I started to follow their account. Posto also has a very strong social media team, and a chef who is gaining 55555 followers a day because of his pizza making abilities.

You need a a competitive staff whose willing to go the distance posting on their page to vote like Santarpio’s, Rino’s, Monument, Posto all have been doing. You need to be known for something specific (tons of comments about Bricco espresso martini’s – don’t forget about the drinks!), Santarpio’s famous pizza, Posto’s picture perfect pizza which has also won awards.

Restaurants have been trying to adapt in order to digitlize online ordering (like adding items to a shopping cart) but I get it might not be possible for some. As I’ve gotten to know the staff of a lot of these restaurants throughout this tournament, it just goes to show how much of a grind the business is – tip of the cap to all of them who participated in this tournament from day 1.

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