Halibut w/ Parsley Oil & Habanero Pepper

One of the first dishes I made when I started blogging on instagram is this halibut dish. Halibut has become my favorite fish to cook because it’s a nice white fish that is firm and can hold up to a sauce – it’s also great with mushrooms. I made parsley oil for this dish andContinue reading “Halibut w/ Parsley Oil & Habanero Pepper”

Spinach Filled French Omelette with Applewood Smoked Bacon

The French Omelette: I’m addicted at trying to master it. Do I think I’d get it looking completely “smooth” with tons of butter? yes…but I try not to add as much better as chefs use for this dish. My goal is to not have any “burnt” or “brown” parts to the egg. A few thingsContinue reading “Spinach Filled French Omelette with Applewood Smoked Bacon”