Fusilli w/ Goat Cheese & Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Check out my post on instagram to watch this made….easy dish/simple/tastes good. Salt the tomatoes!!!!


  1. The most important part is when you are about to add the goat cheese. Turn the heat off so the pan cools down. When you add the pasta water on top of the cheese and start stirring – that’s when you’ll see a glaze/sauce form. If you are new to doing this, add everything to a big mixing bowl and do it completely off the stove.
  2. If I were eating this on my own – I’d add hot pepper flakes to the cherry tomatoes in the beginning…and I’d also top it off when serving with red pepper flakes, parmigiano reggiano, and probably black pepper as well..I like the flavor of a lot of pepper..to each their own.
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