Ideas for Restaurants During COVID-19

It’s really interesting to see how restaurants are adapting to takeout/delivery only due to COVID-19. I’ve seen some creative marketing tactics each day, and I wanted to share a few of my own. I’m no restaurant, or social media, guru, but I’ve seen the incredible influence that Instagram has for restaurants to attract customers, so it’s interesting to think about how I’d approach this if I were a restaurant during this difficult time.

  • Blogger Promo Codes – Pick 5, or 10, or however many food bloggers you want, and create a promo code. For example.. A pizza place offers a “@wesaygravy” promo code. If the customer uses it, he/she will receive 15% off of the pizza. If no one is willing to offer advertising on their handle for nothing in return, give them $1 every time someone uses their promo code or something.
  • Restaurant Memberships – Pay $200 for the restaurant to cook/meal prep for you for the week. People are afraid to go to a grocery store and catch the virus, all they have to do is pick it up or get it delivered.
  • Share the Cooking Experience – Go live each night when you cook. People like the open dining experience, make it virtual. I’d love to see the food I just ordered being prepared.
  • Sponsors (Bloggers) – Put bloggers on your insta profile, website, menu for 2 weeks. Contract them for whatever amount of time you want. They post to their audience=more reach.
  • Plating Contests – The food doesn’t look as pretty in a takeout container. Let customers plate it, get the pictures, hold a vote, interact with them, and pick a winner.
  • Dine Together Virtually – Target single people who need interaction (or maybe those not single). Provide a webex for 8pm, let people interact with each other as they eat. Have someone host like a bartender and and make conversation with customers.
  • Virtual Trivia – Same as 6, do trivia via webex video but you have to order food.
  • Vacation Food – No one can travel and get that fancy dish from their favorite restaurant in Italy. Make it for them.
  • Whose the head chef? I ordered from a restaurant the other day b/c their chef is from a certain region in Italy that has my favorite type of food. Add the head chef’s handle to your restaurant profile.


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